Heather Scheck - Chairman

Heidi Perreault - President

Melissa Meehan & Noelle Perrin - Co-Vice Presidents

Erica Williams - Treasurer

Jennifer Messenger - Secretary

Scott and Cari Andrews

Ryan and Whitney Baderian

Nick and Kendra Dobron

Jeff and Melissa Freese

Jim and Parvina Glidewell

Matt and Katie Glover

Adam and Joanna Hutchinson 

Chris and Heather Lewis

William and Melissa Meehan

Billy and Jennifer Messenger

Grant and Lacey Miller

Craig and Heidi Perreault

Jason and Noelle Perrin

Nick and Jessica Pirro

Jair and Alice Rochverger

Steve and Heather Scheck

Nick Verdugo and Simona Achim-Verdugo 

Greg and Laura Wakeham 

Pamela and Brian Williamson

Rick and Shelley White

Matt and Erica Williams

Brad and Angie Zamora

Tony Zeddies and Dacy Yee